I am Healer Apothecary is a revelation of  TRUTHS about real healing which usually falls completely outside the scope of any conventional western health care practices which treat the symptoms that appear in a particular disease rather than treating the cause for the symptom itself.

In a world of great misinformation and confusion with regards to directing traffic of the entire health care industry down the lane of treating symptoms rather than the cause I AM Healer Apothecary’s focus will be on dispensing information to eradicate the root of the problem manifesting these symptoms.

it is incumbent upon us to seek a non-violent solution [to our health concerns] through truth, love and actions designed to unify ourselves into a common purpose of harmony and peace and right understanding with individuals with groups to develop positive alternatives for our societal structure.

In an attempt to maintain it’s stronghold over humanity through the medical profession they have devised a net that absolves local authorities by handing it over the the World Health Organization for governance of the world’s health care industry.

I AM Healer Apothecary will provide people with the tools they need to assume full sovereignty over their body, their health and therefore their life by offering natural alternatives to the means employed by the damaging health care industry today.


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