Budwig Diet

Budwig Diet

The Budwig Protocol / Diet


Linseed (flaxseed) flowerScientific: The Budwig Protocol has it its heart a diet with its roots in a phenomenon known as the “Warburg Effect” discovered by 1931 Nobel Prize winner, medical doctor and biochemist, Otto Heinrich Warburg.  Through his work on respiration he discovered that, in the absence of oxygen, cancer cells would metabolise sugar which enabled them to multiply.  In the same era, Dr Johanna Budwig, another eminent German biochemist, found that highly unsaturated cold-pressed linseed oil would carry oxygen into the cells to fight cancer.  Increasingly modern scientific research supports the benefits to health of the diet.

Holistic:  Dr Johanna Budwig developed this into the natural, holistic, diet-based Budwig Protocol also called  the Budwig Diet it was scientifically way ahead of its time.

Dr Johanna Budwig diet

Cancer, Arthritis, Multiple sclerosis, Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne, …

Flaxseed oil and cottage cheese

Six time nobel award nominated doctor says this essential nutrient combination actually prevents and cures cancer!

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