Hot & Purple Dandelion Detox

Dandelions are medicine not a weed

When the snow melts in here northern Ontario the first green thing to come up, even before the buds break on the trees, are the dandelion, which for me signals it is THE time, in synch with Nature to DETOX our inner organs and rid them of the sludge that's accumulated over the winter.

Dandelion is a potent MEDICINE that can help rid you of whatever pathogens do not belong?

DETOX in 3 easy steps

First off - Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type- always

Second thing - for one week go vegetarian

Third thing - drink this juice once a day for ONE week

It will get your flow going again!

1 beet
2 ribs of celery
1/4 red cabbage
head of garlic - yup
6 dandelion root sprouts just popping up

Juice it. Then taking in the juice one mouthful at a time, chew it like you would if it were a mouthful of food, you can also use a soup spoon and chomp down on it good to get the entire digestive system involved in the process, it's a chain reaction - just chew it! Otherwise the whole things just slips by the ill equipped to receive by your second brain... your bowls.
It's HOT and PURPLE!!!

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